Let us compare risk levels between your contracts

Do you need charts that visualise and communicate contract risk to advisors, investors and buyers? Or a tool that to identify supplier contract risk so Lawyer and Advisor time can be easily prioritised?

We give high impact charts to paste in to your presentation, report or prospectus. Charts that compare financial risk and reputation risk at contract level and at clause level. Charts that visualise urgency indicators calculated on a daily basis, factoring in each of the remaining contract terms.

We help small and medium businesses identify supply-side contract risk

In the UK, 12% Owner-managed businesses plan to sell*.  Are you one of them?    Know and make a high level disclosure about your supply contract risks before the sale price is agreed. Avoid re-negotiating the price later. We can help!

All you do is answer some multiple choice questions about your supply contracts. Return any time to add more suppliers, contract details or to extract more charts.

Are you a UK, Owner-managed business that plans to restructure its supply chain? Our charts help identify contract risks so you can prioritise your professional advisors time easily.